Cold water swimming may be the latest wellness trend but here at Undiscovered Balkans, we were doing it long before it became mainstream. When you live near some of Europe’s cleanest rivers and lakes, it’s impossible to resist. While our friends in the Nordic countries are credited with promoting the health benefits of cold water

When Carly joined us in Serbia this month, she was a complete newbie to adventure travel having only ever taken beach holidays and city breaks.  For those considering their first adventure holiday or joining an organised tour as a solo traveller, we asked her to guest blog for us this week and share her experience. 

The Balkans, a region rich in history, cultural diversity and natural beauty, is an increasingly popular destination for adventure travel seekers. With hundreds of mountains to hike, rivers to raft on and ancient cities to explore, who can blame them? As a relative newcomer to the adventure travel space, there are some things to bear

The Balkans can be a bit behind when it comes to sustainability. For instance, you’ll see single-use plastic bags being handed out willy-nilly in Serbia or Montenegro, and a lack of understanding around how human activities can impact wildlife (ATV tours in protected areas are still not illegal here). Without coming across all preachy, it’s

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about countries from the former Yugoslavia, and it’s not an easy one to answer. In fact, you can accidentally get into trouble if you’re not careful. The question is of course: ’What language do they speak there?’  What language do they speak in the Balkans? If we’re

Coffee is the cornerstone of Bosnian culture and has been since the Ottomans introduced it in the 15th century. But make no mistake, it is not the same as Turkish coffee. Order the latter at a cafe in Sarajevo and you’ll soon be corrected. Tasting Bosnian coffee (Bosanska kahva) is a must-do experience during your

This week, we invited award-winning journalist and travel writer Laura Sanders to be a guest blogger and tell us why the Balkans are on her radar in 2024. Laura explored Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro last year. After being wowed by Mostar’s Ottoman architecture on holiday, she returned and dug deeper for assignments from Conde Nast Traveller,

Let’s get gritty with the real source of controversy in the Balkans… what to call a cheese pastry.  The humble burek has various names across the region. Get it wrong and you risk being laughed out of the bakery (like we were in Bosnia). It’s the Balkan equivalent to the whole barm/bap/cob debate in the

If you’re in search of some armchair travel or inspiration for your next trip, we’ve rounded up nine of our favourite books set in the western Balkans.  Whether you’re looking to escape to the idyllic mountainscapes or understand the region’s complex past, these books will have you gripped – and perhaps even inspire you to

This recipe for priganice dough balls is delicious! Unexpected, delicious new foods  are one of the best bits of travelling. One dish which continually delights and surprises our guests is ‘priganice’ (that’s the name for these dough balls in Montenegro, but every country in the Western Balkans has their equivalent, from uštipci in Serbia to