“Adventures needn’t stop because you’ve had children,” says Emma, co-founder of Undiscovered Balkans and mother of three. If you’re keen to make your family travel more adventurous and leave the hotel resorts behind, Emma has revealed her top tips for smooth sailing. From the types of activity holidays to choose for your family to ways

When Carly joined us in Serbia this month, she was a complete newbie to adventure travel having only ever taken beach holidays and city breaks.  For those considering their first adventure holiday or joining an organised tour as a solo traveller, we asked her to guest blog for us this week and share her experience. 

Following the immense success of our first small group adventure in Serbia, we caught up with the man behind the magic – Aleks, our adventure travel guide with a wealth of experience in Serbia’s outback and the newest member of the team. Born in Belgrade and raised in the mountains, Aleks’s passion for Serbia is

 Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fascinating place, one nobody is more passionate about than Skender, our local tour guide, who you may remember if you read our blog on Bosnian coffee culture. Skender has witnessed Bosnia’s many twists and turns growing up and he’s determined to showcase all of the natural beauty and melting pot

The Balkans, a region rich in history, cultural diversity and natural beauty, is an increasingly popular destination for adventure travel seekers. With hundreds of mountains to hike, rivers to raft on and ancient cities to explore, who can blame them? As a relative newcomer to the adventure travel space, there are some things to bear

If you travel with us to Albania, chances are you will be in the capable hands of Aldo for the duration of your adventure, from hiking and kayaking to drinking raki! Aldo’s passion for his country is infectious and like us, he’s most at home in the mountains. In a previous life, he was an

This week, we invited award-winning journalist and travel writer Laura Sanders to be a guest blogger and tell us why the Balkans are on her radar in 2024. Laura explored Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro last year. After being wowed by Mostar’s Ottoman architecture on holiday, she returned and dug deeper for assignments from Conde Nast Traveller,

Few outside Montenegro know that there’s a popular way to drink your coffee here called “dojč” (deutsch) – it’s frothy, like a cappucino but without the cocoa and we just ordered a cup to celebrate the fact that our website is now available to read…in German! German tourists are among the most popular and numerous

At last there’s light at the end of a particularly long and badly lit tunnel! Viable vaccines and faster tests are bringing optimism back to travel and life in general. Enquiries have already picked up for 2021 and we’ve taken our first reservations in months. Yes it’s early days, but the now exotic, intoxicating idea

There is a special place I like to take people who are in Montenegro’s mountains for the first time . One girl told me it reminds her of the end of the world. Are you familiar with a feeling when you wake up from a deep dream, and find yourself back in “reality”? For a