Coffee is the cornerstone of Bosnian culture and has been since the Ottomans introduced it in the 15th century. But make no mistake, it is not the same as Turkish coffee. Order the latter at a cafe in Sarajevo and you’ll soon be corrected. Tasting Bosnian coffee (Bosanska kahva) is a must-do experience during your

Let’s get gritty with the real source of controversy in the Balkans… what to call a cheese pastry.  The humble burek has various names across the region. Get it wrong and you risk being laughed out of the bakery (like we were in Bosnia). It’s the Balkan equivalent to the whole barm/bap/cob debate in the

This recipe for priganice dough balls is delicious! Unexpected, delicious new foods  are one of the best bits of travelling. One dish which continually delights and surprises our guests is ‘priganice’ (that’s the name for these dough balls in Montenegro, but every country in the Western Balkans has their equivalent, from uštipci in Serbia to