Our activity levels

Our activity levels are based on the physical intensity of the activities, the length of time spent doing the activities, the accommodation rating, and the amount of travel between locations.

We have three main activity levels: gentle, moderate and challenging. Read more about each below.


These holidays are designed for people who are in good health and want a relaxing trip. Activities aren’t generally strenuous – think painting and foodie tours.

Our gentle holidays tend to stay in one location so the most travelling you will do is to and from the airport. On these trips, you will stay in comfortable, clean hotels and guesthouses.

Are gentle activity holidays suitable for families?

These holidays have relaxed itineraries with minimal travel time so they’re suitable for all ages and abilities. We welcome families who want more than a fly and flop holiday and enjoy experiencing new things. That said, the two low-impact holidays we currently offer – Painting and Wild Swimming in Montenegro and a Food and Culture Tour in Albania – may not appeal to younger guests and they may be better suited to one of our moderate activity holidays.


Holidays labelled as moderate require a reasonable level of fitness as they involve outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking or canyoning for four to five hours at a time, including breaks.

Moderate trips have less downtime than resort-style holidays and may include long stints of travel between locations. Some of our multi-centre trips may not look physically strenuous but they’re classed as moderate due to the travel time.

Activities on moderate trips may take place in challenging conditions, such as hot sunshine, and could include stays in accommodation which is less cushy, but always clean and comfortable.

Are moderate activity holidays suitable for families?

It depends on the children’s experience of the outdoors and level of fitness. Consider the amount of physical activity expected and how long they will need to participate. On kayaking day trips, adults can paddle for younger children but this is not recommended on week-long kayaking holidays.

You should also consider how well your kids cope with long drives. We designed our 7 Day North Albania Activity Holiday with families in mind as we’ve minimised car time and maximised adventure time.


These holidays command a good level of fitness and readiness for more remote and rustic environments. Expect physically demanding activities such as climbing a peak and several hours of physical activity every day. Prior experience of activities like mountain climbing and mountain biking is required.

You could be staying in more basic accommodation and perhaps even tents on this type of holiday (they will always be clean and comfortable) and there may also be long stints of travel between locations.

Are challenging activity holidays suitable for families?

Some or all days of these trips will be quite physically demanding. There will be limited downtime with activities and/or travel taking up most of the day. If your kids don’t mind roughing it a bit, aren’t phased by long car journeys and are used to outdoor activities, they will love this type of holiday.

Split categories

Some of our holidays fall between two categories due to the mixture of activities offered. We mark this where appropriate and we’re here if you have any further questions.

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