Bosnia’s historic capital is where east and west quite literally meet at a compass inscribed on the pavement in the old town. You’ll find this fusion everywhere – in its architecture, food and language.  Adorned by the pine forested Dinaric Alps encircling it, there’s more to this bustling Balkan city than first meets the eye.

This recipe for priganice dough balls is delicious! Unexpected, delicious new foods  are one of the best bits of travelling. One dish which continually delights and surprises our guests is ‘priganice’ (that’s the name for these dough balls in Montenegro, but every country in the Western Balkans has their equivalent, from uštipci in Serbia to

In the middle of giant Lake Skadar National Park sits the tiny fishing “town” of Virpazar, one of Montenegro’s historic trading centres dating from medieval times and, for the last 10 years, our home and activity base. The clue is in its name – ‘Vir’, which means confluence of rivers and ‘Pazar’, the Turkish word