A remote island monastery at Lake Skadar with bright blue water, mountains and sunny sky in the background, plus white text with a quote from the German travel journalist Jorg Spaniol for Geo Saison recommending Undiscovered Montenegro

Few outside Montenegro know that there’s a popular way to drink your coffee here called “dojč” (deutsch) – it’s frothy, like a cappucino but without the cocoa and we just ordered a cup to celebrate the fact that our website is now available to read…in German!

German tourists are among the most popular and numerous in Montenegro in normal years – pretty much every Montenegrin you speak to cites German guests as their favourites. They also have a long tradition of enjoying hiking, the outdoors and new adventures – so our activity holidays should be a match made in heaven! The German guests who have stumbled across us already have been delighted with what they have found – authentic, active, expertly guided trips which go deep into Montenegro’s wildly beautiful national parks; a small friendly group for epic days hiking, kayaking, wild-swimming and meeting locals; a sustainable holiday supporting nature and local people.

Undiscovered Montenegro even comes recommended by Geo Saison, Bild Zeitung and Frankfurter Allgemeine!

All this has inspired us to reach out to more German-speakers. Of course, it’s much easier to search for and read about your perfect holiday in your own language, so we hired a very cheap translator – me! Not a lot of people know that I actually speak reasonable German (lived there as a child, and took a University degree in the language before going on to co-found Undiscovered Montenegro 12 years ago). We are are also expanding our team of guides to include fluent German speakers in preparation for our first 100% German-language tour. Click here to read our German pages – and if you spot any mistakes (and there will be plenty!), let me know. I’m a little rusty, and need plenty of practice!

And I know you’re dying to ask – why is that cup of coffee called “dojč“? Well, like so often in Montenegro, there are multiple answers. Depending on who is telling the story, the first espresso coffee machine imported into the country was a German brand; or the first person to import the machine was German; or they had lived in Germany; or they had visited Germany. Maybe it’s just how Montenegrins thought German people drank their coffee! If you have yet another different origin story, let us know in the comments (we’re sort of collecting them)!

And of course, if you are interested in one of our activity holidays, with a fluent German-speaking guide, get in touch…

Dojč ist gut. Sehr gut.


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