The 7 best things to do in Albania with kids
A male Albanian guide accompanies a young blond-haired tourist visiting the Blue Eye waterfalls in Albania's Theth National Park

Considering a holiday in Albania in 2024 and wondering if it’s suitable for children? Look no further. As parents of three youngsters ourselves, Ben and I can confirm it’s a fantastic destination for families.

Albania offers great value for money and endless adventures on its mountains, rivers and beaches. As it’s still fairly unexplored, it’s relatively less crowded too. And thanks to budget carriers Easyjet and Wiizz Air, it’s easy to reach with direct flights from the UK.

There’s three reasons to take the kids to Albania, now read on for seven more.

1. Tirana

Skanderbeg Square in Tirana

Since the end of the communist era in Albania, locals have been busy brightening up the capital’s dull concrete facades. It’s now a vibrant metropolis which is a joy to mosey around, dipping in and out of cafes as you please.

Tirana’s top attractions can easily be covered in a day. Start with Skanderbeg Square where Et’hem Bey Mosque and the Clocktower (which you can climb) are located before visiting the huge underground bunker complex at Bunk Art’1 . Take the Dajti Ekspres Cable Car for incredible city views, and round it off with a stroll in “Tirana’s Taiwan”, Rinia Park, which literally translates to “Youth Park”.

2. Krujë Castle

This magnificently preserved Byzantine fortress just an hour from Tirana is where military commander Skanderbeg planned his rebellion against the Ottomans. Learn all about it inside the Skanderbeg museum, one of two exhibits housed there.

Even if you’re not into history, it’s worth going for the views and to visit the pleasant town of Krujë where you can browse the Old Bazaar for local handicrafts.

3. Explore the Accursed Mountains

A child walking towards two old stone buildings that form a lock-in tower in the village of Theth in the Albanian Alps, set in a valley with green grass and dramatic tall mountains behind.

Aka the Albanian Alps, the Accursed Mountains offer some of Albania’s most breathtaking scenery. Untouched by time, the stone villages nestled in the valleys resemble something from a fairytale, and with myths, legends and folklore to match!

All our Albania tours include a visit to the mountains for hiking and wild swimming at Thethi National Park, along with the chance to tour the idyllic shepherds’ village bearing the same name.

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4. Sand and sea in Radhimë

Albanian beach

Radhimë is one of the most gorgeous coastal destinations in Albania. It boasts everything you could want from a beach holiday and more.

Choose between soaking up the sunshine from the beach or take a boat tour through Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park to spot wildlife and swim in caves. We can organise this for you if you’re joining us on our Albania multi activity holiday.

5. Berat


Known for its white Ottoman houses spilling over the hilltop, Berat is a UNESCO protected town on the banks of the Osum River. It’s guarded by the 13th century Berat Castle which is great fun to explore and admire the views from (you might find a treasure or two to bring home in its cobbled streets too).

6. Rafting and river-wading at Osum

A partially-submerged family of four on a river-wading adventure at Osumi Canyon in Albania, wearing red helmets

The Osum canyon is one of Albania’s most spectacular natural attractions. The only way to truly er… soak it in is by rafting or river wading through it (and with plentiful chance for cliff-jumps if that’s your thing). This adrenaline fuelled adventure is one of the highlights on our Albania itineraries for guests of all ages.

7. Hike on Mount Tomorr

Dad and son admire the view from a hiking trail in the Accursed Mountains

Steeped in myth and legend, Mount Tomorr is a sacred place to Albanians of past and present. The views from its forested slopes are simply astounding of the surrounding countryside, sleepy villages and mountain goats in their natural habitats.

If you join us for a hike on our 7 day multi activity holiday in Albania, the adventure begins with a one hour off-road 4×4 drive to our starting point – fasten your seatbelts!

Albania FAQ’s

What is the main religion in Albania?

Islam is the main religion in Albania, but it’s practised in a very tolerant way. This means women aren’t required to cover their heads and legs (unless visiting a mosque) and you can buy alcohol.

Is Albania safe?

We’ve always felt very safe in Albania, especially as a family (Albanians adore kids!) and our guests have all felt this way too. In fact, Albanian culture has an ancient code of behaviour called ‘Besa’ which honour-binds locals to protect foreign visitors, and it shows. If your hire-car broke down or you looked lost, an Albanian would feel obliged to help, expecting nothing in return. Like anywhere, pickpockets are a concern in big cities. Generally, though, the culture is warm, hospitable and incredibly family-friendly. Road-safety is another story – definitely bring car seats if your kids are below seven!

What is the weather like in Albania?

Albania experiences hot summers and cold winters – that means snow on the high mountains from December to early June! Expect average highs of 30℃ in July and August (although the humidity can make it feel hotter). During the winter months, temperatures range between 2℃ to 12℃ in coastal areas and down to -10 in the alpine areas.

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