Bosnia holidays that take you off the beaten path

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a fascinating country. Islam is the predominant religion here but it has a real melting pot of cultures and faiths, which is most obvious in its cities where minarets swivel alongside spires above the skyline. Famous for Stari Most bridge in Mostar and its historic capital of Sarajevo, there’s more to this Balkan country than first meets the eye.

After ticking off some of Bosnia’s top sights, follow us into the Dinaric Alps where a whole host of adventures await. Think white water rafting on the Neretva River, plunging into turquoise waterfalls, visiting a timewarped village where traditional crafts are being kept alive, and hiking mountains which give the Swiss Alps a run for their money.

Like many of our destinations in the Western Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural landscapes haven’t been overdeveloped, providing a true sense of escape in nature. As a company which prides itself on travelling responsibly, we’re working to keep it that way. Read more about that here.

At the end of an action packed day, you can look forward to lashings of hearty food such as ćevapi (minced meat kebabs served in a pitta with chopped onions) and sač (meat, potatoes and vegetables slow roasted under a traditional cast iron dome). Of course, no visit to Bosnia is complete without a Bosnian coffee; our expert guides will teach you how to drink it like a local.

Whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple or flying solo, we invite you to experience Bosnia and Herzegovina in its entirety on one of our handcrafted adventure tours.

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Get there

Ryanair and Wizz Air offer direct flights from London to Sarajevo year-round.

Alternatively, fly to Dubrovnik or Split in Croatia from a number of UK airports and drive or take a bus to Mostar or Sarajevo.

No-fly options

It’s easiest to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina by road as the train will only take you so far. From the UK, you can drive yourself or take the coach to Sarajevo and Mostar using Flixbus.

There are currently no cross-border trains running into Bosnia, so if you do decide to ride the rails, you will need to go by bus or car for the last leg of your journey. From the UK, you can travel by rail across Europe and finish up in Croatia where you can then pick up a coach into Bosnia. Rome2Rio and The Man in Seat 61 are helpful resources for planning your journey.

Bosnia and Herzegovina weather

Bosnia and Herzegovina has two main climates: a moderate Mediterranean climate in the southern Herzegovina region and a cooler, continental climate in the northern Bosnia region.

Generally, the summer months are gloriously hot and sunny but rainstorms can strike, so pack a waterproof jacket. Expect temperatures to be in the mid to high 20℃’s in Mostar and the south and a couple of degrees celsius cooler further north towards Sarajevo in July and August, although the humidity makes it feel hotter.

In the winter, expect highs of 1℃ in Sarajevo and snow on the surrounding mountains. In Mostar and further south, it’s slightly milder with highs of 4℃.

If you’re not a fan of the heat, April-May and September-October are lovely months to visit Bosnia with comfortable daytime temperatures ranging between 13-20℃ – plus the advantage of avoiding the crowds.

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